About Us


Initium Bio Analytics is a team of expert biomedical scientists, data analysts, and visionary entrepreneurs who are passionate about utilising cutting-edge technology to enhance and support the biomedical industry.

We have developed a next generation, artificially intelligent platform that makes the research and development of innovative medicines faster, more accurate, and effective, solving drug development problems for biomedical professionals globally.


We have already proven our platform with companies such as Teva Pharmaceutical, Johnson & Johnson, Gamida Cell, trusting our technology. In identifying a need for better research in the cannabinoid-based drug development industry, we adapted our POMI AI™ engine to help ensure these medicines are effective, successful, and safe.

In choosing to partner with Initium Bio, you are choosing success. In an industry still in its infancy, still constantly learning, and growing at an unparalleled rate, it is vital to align with companies that are at the forefront of the research with leading-edge technology and a team with exceptional biomedical and data expertise.


We value excellence, innovation, and a conscientious use of resources, both technological and human talent, in everything we do. From our AI engine to our expert team, we have dedicated ourselves to ensuring each step in our process aligns with our core values. We are passionate, dedicated, and ambitious and know that our human-machine collaboration are at the forefront of an exciting and fast- growing industry.





We believe that collaboration between human and machine is the fastest and most effective way to successfully navigate the evolution of the cannabinoid-based drug industry. Data cannot indicate optimal formulations alone.

At Initium Bio Analytics, our philosophy is to connect science, technology, and epistemology – how we use the information collected through our highly advanced AI technology is tempered, analysed, and given due diligence by our molecular scientists and data tacticians.