The Future Of Pharma

Science is the key to better health – AI is the key to better science

Initium Bio Analytics has developed a next generation, artificially intelligent platform that solves drug development problems for biomedical professionals, making research and development of innovative medicines faster, more accurate, and effective.

refine millions of global databases for effective, real world evidence

Our team of expert molecular biologists, data scientists, and biological data analysts work with POMI AI™ to refine millions of data strands using our advanced algorithms. We then produce an authentic database of evidence-based interactions, contra-indications, and Mechanisms of Action.

intuitive intelligence – a human-machine partnership to expedite medicine development

Imagine a technology that could enhance the understanding of the ‘mechanism of action’ of cannabinoids and terpenes on biological systems quickly, effectively, and more accurately.

The extensive capabilities of POMI AI™ gives cannabinoid-based drug development the boost it needs in a new and exciting industry. The potential of the engine combined with the knowledge and skills of our molecular biologists is limitless, increasing our ability to support the innovative advancement of the industry.

Mechanism of

We have the ability to accurately predict how a specific formulation can produce an effect in the body thousands of times faster than any human alone.


With our advanced POMI AI™ engine and our team, we can predict combinations and the side effects of these that have not yet been reported or have never been tested.


Based on the refined data, interaction predictions and MoA models, we can generate ideas for new drugs and medicines quickly and safely.


Intuitive. Reliable. Precise

We work with research institutes and pharma companies either in partnership
or by offering our expertise and innovative capabilities as ‘science as a service’ in a number of ways.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you develop cannabinoid-based products,
medicines, drugs or more, please contact one of our team.

We look forward to helping you achieve success. Download our Pitch Deck for more information.

Provide MoA Models

We can generate multiple MoA models thousands of times faster than a human alone

Predict Drug Efficacy

In an unregulated industry POMI AI™ delivers detailed reporting of effectiveness

Generate Drug Targets

Based on data, we can generate concepts for new drugs and potential indications for them

Predict Drug Interactions

With advanced AI models we can predict drug combinations that might cause side effects not yet reported or ever tested

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