Our Technology

How It Works

Given a directive, POMI AI™ searches over 30 million articles and global databases for evidence of the effects cannabinoids have on an indicated medical condition.

Our team of expert molecular biologists, data scientists, and biological data analysts work with POMI AI™ tofurther refine the data using our advanced algorithms until the data is sufficiently optimized and we have adatabase of evidence-based predictions of interactions and MoA.

We use this optimized data to suggest improved formulations, recommend alternative combinations, identify population targets, highlight clinical trial variables and the potential for new treatments, all while helping you achieve your goal at an unprecedented rate.

Phase 1: DATA

Over 30 million articles and biological databases are searched systematically over eleven different entity types to extract all relevant information on the specified interaction or directive.

Phase 2: POMI AI™

The collected data is assimilated into POMI AI™ and refined, decoded, and sufficiently optimized until we have a reliable database of evidence-based predictions and validated intelligent insights.

Phase 3: Initium bio teaM

Human-machine partnership enables our expert molecular biologists and data analysts to develop high-value, accurate MoA models, drug interaction, efficacy, and prediction models.

Phase 4: results

Delivery of decision-making, scientific results that expedites clinical trials, drug development and academic research faster and more accurately predicting effective combinations and formulas.